Life is not just a woman’s issue. It is most assuredly a man’s one too. 

We see it played out in two ways.

One – when a girl walks into a door, with or without a man, inevitably he has played a role and is facing his own inner crisis. Liberty Women’s Clinic seeks to love, teach and mentor the role of this new dad when the opportunity presents itself.

Two – in a much debated, heated, passionate topic, many voices have been raised to stand for life. Let it start with men. Let the voices start with the men as they seek to lead and take their God-given roles.

Untamed creates an avenue for men to become a part of communicating the love of Jesus in the face of unplanned pregnancies. Untamed will stir men’s hearts to a point of action – whether that is mentoring young dads, standing up in our community, partnering with us financially or volunteering with their families. There is a way to connect with Liberty Women’s Clinic and there is a way to love in the face of crisis. It starts with men.