The Life Campaign ::: Executive Summary

The Life Campaign will secure necessary funding to move from 1,400 to 4,500 square feet and help more women.

This move is necessary as our client visits have increased by 67% over the past three years, services provided have jumped 58% and ultrasounds have increased by 63%. Demand for LWC services continues to grow, so we need more space.

The Life Campaign is a 1.4 million dollar project, allocated as the following:

  • Building and site renovations: 46%
  • Program growth: 27%
  • FFE and equipment: 14%
  • Campaign costs: 6%
  • Contingency: 7%

The Need for the Life Campaign

Demand for services provided by Liberty Women's Clinic continues to grow. We must have more space to fulfill our mission. There are 9,500 abortions in greater Kansas City each year: 9,500 moms in need of assistance, as well as 9,500 men - a total of 19,000 immediate needs. Beyond this, other people need health information unique to pregnancy and reproductive services.

Liberty Women's Clinic empowers women to make informed decisions. Information is provided on parenting, adoption and abortion. All meet with a medical professional to receive a pregnancy test, ultrasound and options counseling. All services are provided at no cost.

Our current facility is 1,400 square feet with only one examination room and limited space for privacy, discretion and confidentiality. We are unable to provide services for all who seek help due to lack of space. The Life Campaign will expand our Clinic into appropriate square footage, increase the number of examination rooms, and improve privacy and confidentiality.

The Life Campaign ::: Plan and Intended Outcomes

Our existing space has a small waiting room, two offices, two counseling rooms and one examination room. All rooms are accessed off of one hallway, limiting privacy for our clients. LWC's new home will have separate entrances and space for the clinic and administrative offices. The new space will be able to meet the growth LWC has experience by doubling the counseling rooms from 2 to 4, and exam rooms from 1 to 2. It will also have one dedicated multipurpose room for client education purposes. Administratively, the new clinic will provide three administrative offices, a reception area and a conference/hospitality room.

The Life Campaign ::: The New Building of Liberty Women’s Clinic

Liberty Women's Clinic Sustainability

Liberty Women's Clinic's annual budget is approved by our Board of Directors, and then supported through an annual fundraising plan coordinated by resource development staff members and volunteers. The Board of Directors and senior staff members understand that an increase in facility space will result in additional clients served and additional expenses incurred. We are fully prepared to increase our efforts in order to support the new facility and additional clients served with fiscal responsibility.

The Life Campaign Board of Directors

  • Dianne Ferrell, Board Chair, Community Volunteer
  • Sue Brown, Liberty Christian Fellowship
  • Sarai Brown, Community Volunteer
  • Robert Kirkland, Kirkland, Woods & Martinsen PC
  • Dr. Kenneth Parker, First Baptist Church Kearney
  • Gloria Scheib, Community Volunteer
  • John A. Washer, Community Volunteer
  • Carol Graham, Founder & CEO, Liberty Women's Clinic

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Be the voice in your church. Our prayer at LWC is for each church in our community to have a spokesperson for life. Has God given you a passion to tell others about the gift of life happening everyday at LWC?

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