Would you pray?

A beautiful and merciful Savior sits in heaven weeping for the lives He formed and have been lost to abortion. He mourns for the unique boys and girls in their mothers’ wombs – the boys and girls He has created with purpose – the boys and girls that are not being given the chance to leave their mark due to the dark abortion cloud covering this whole wide world.

He is speaking to His people. He is asking us to pray and seek how we can use our God-given abilities to help in the battle to save His children. It is we, God’s people, acting in obedience that will create change. It is one man choosing to pray and listen to how God is calling him. It is one woman praying and acting upon God’s beckoning voice. It is parents teaching their children to be voices in their hallways, voices of grace and love, and more grace and more love. 

So would you pray? Would you take the knowledge that you have and ask God to impress a course of action for your hands, your feet and your passionate heart?

How is He calling you?